Collage mapping for Desire Paths podcast episode

Exhibitions, texts and explorations:

Living Industries_Industries Vivantes: Using Interactive Storytelling to Trace the Threads of Urban Connectivity. Ignite Research Grant, George Brown College School of Design 2021-2022.

"Aljumaine Gayle and Car Martin: Quayside Futures". Desire Paths podcast episode produced by Luminato Arts Festival; Toronto 2021. (process imagery pictured left)

Twinplex, In collaboration with Maya Orzechowska. Interactive art piece exhibited at 'Seeking the Periphery' Paul H. Cocker gallery, Toronto 2021.

Fashion and Design in the Age of Digital Surveillance”, M. Valverde & A. Flynn (Eds.) Smart Cities in Canada: Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs; Lorimer Press, Toronto, 2020.

"Digital Junkyard: Experiments in Virtual Salvage" Exhibited at Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. X University, Toronto, 2017.

The following were produced while working as Project Manager & Participatory Design Lead at The Centre for Active Transportation:

“Co-designing the Active City”, Conference Presentation, Ontario Association of ArchitectsAnnual Conference: Empowering Change, Quebec City, 2019.

Walking in the Suburbs: Five Qualitative Tools for Mapping Low-density Environments”Workshop guide and online publication, The Centre for Active Transportation, 2018.

“Designing for Environmental Justice”, Conference Presentation World Design Summit,Montreal, 2017.

Active Neighbourhoods Canada Project: Bridging Community and Municipal Decision-Making to Impact the Built Environment; Conference Presentation, Walk21 Conference, Calgary, 2017.

"Building Active Communities Together" Overview of the Active Neighbourhoods Project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Produced by the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre in collaboration with the Centre for Active Transportation, 2017.

Creating a Town Centre in a Tower Neighbourhood” Action-research Project in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Jackson, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Toronto, 2017

“Connecting People to Power: Designing for and with Communities,” ConferencePresentation, ProWalk, ProBike, ProPlace, Vancouver, 2016.

"Active Neighbourhoods Portraits" 4 neighbourhood studies using participatory tools to propose healthy improvements to the public realm, encouraging active and inviting streets. The Centre for Active Transportation, 2015-2019.

“Experiential Mapping and Collaborative Urbanism,” Urban Ecologies Conference,Proceeding Journal & Paper Presentation, Toronto, 2015.

“Participatory Design” Conference Presentation, Livable Cities Conference, Vancouver, 2014