Turn the House Inside Out

Watermelon Maquette

December 14, 2023 
An architectural offering for the people of Gaza. Holiday hopes for an end to the bloodshed. #ceasefire #architectsforceasefire #melancholymaquettes

Cannibal Architecture

November 21, 2023 
This little house is the site of Cyan dreams. Community ritual, art curation, circular design experiment, and seed for a new land-based collective. We will be deconstructing this house slowly starting this spring. We are in search of collaborators, artists, supporters to help realize this dream. Reach out if you are intrigued, share with those that may be. Because it all comes back to the land, and we desperately need a new approach. 


November 14, 2023 
‘Yarns’ is a web-based storytelling project that depicts the productive/creative ecosystem of local makers. The project began with a series of conversations between two architects @car_martin and @she_blink around the role that local makers have in crafting the urban environment, and how the objects they produce form intimate connections and important networks that are not often visible. The digital story is an idea for something bigger, a platform that is visually stunning and crowdsourced, that can promote the work of local producers, when so many conditions are stacked against them. Check it out, share and get in touch if your interested in making this bigger!