Cyanobacteria - giver of oxygen, life on earth, and the original dwelling unit

CYAN is a field station

For observing human habitat. The name pays homage to a single-celled organism, the mutations of which have crafted life as we know it. The work of Cyan is to explore the dwelling unit as a basic cellular building block of society, and to ask how it can be mutated towards a resilient and connected future. How can we reimagine the whole city as a house? Bring ecology inside?  Make private spaces productive, and public spaces intimate? How can we turn the house inside out?

Cyan Station is a full-service architecture practice. We are invested in the care and stewardship of the built environment, ensuring properties serve the community’s needs over time, promote healthy environments and create supportive and equitable spaces for every unique soul under the sun.

Buildings can be Soft 

Buildings are Nature

Architecture is For Everybody