Cozy Undergound.
2022. Custom Architecture (renovation)

It’s a challenge to carve out new spaces in the dense core of Toronto. With housing demand at an all-time high, people are looking below grade to extend living spaces. This project turns a 1 bedroom main floor apartment into a three bedroom unit with a cozy living space, two extra well-sized bedrooms and a generous washroom with a soaking tub.

Existing Brick foundation party walls are exposed and coated to bring a warm texture to the space, and the walls are opened up around the stair to bring in more light and connection to the main living space above. Hidden in the joists is a new steel flush beam that allows the entire space to be more open.

The bedrooms are both fitted out with simple and functional built-in desks and cabinetry. Built-in shelves add a special touch to the space and make it feel warm and intentional. Below the finishes, waterproofing, slab repair and insulation and air sealing make the space comfortable and energy efficient.