2019.Temporary & Modular Works.w/Steve Campos


Spiral rebar piles in a pocket of grass eclipsed by freeway sounds
Metal shivers in the cool California night, steadily growing a protective coat of rust
The beat-up Toyota with a midnight blue body, shines a light on the pile
The driver’s identity lost to the highway gods

Taking up space in a world of action the spiral prompts
The city is all amok with talk of invasion
The river is only an invitation
Steel divides and considers the shape

The bend of the river where the concrete is broken and a furious swell recurs
Orchestrate the people to build a monument to impulse and memory
New real estate for the freeway trash

Time spirals on, they come together and come apart

Los Angeles.2019

"Invasive species... a community message board out in the middle of some-nowhere. This site-specific installation was created to invoke a community space for objects that have things to say.

Invasive species is the first of a series of sculptures that are inserted into sites undergoing change. They are composed of found objects and readily available materials and respond to the spatial peculiarities of lands earmarked for speculation. Invasive species are planted and proliferated by the logic of the objects themselves, as they connect to memories and spin their own tales.