Outdoor Kitchen.
2022.Custom Architecture & Fabrication

The principle of ‘migration’ is used in the creation of an outdoor kitchen. This method is one way of transferring high heat-load activities away from the main house during the warm months. Here we create a custom modular kitchen, and provide space for meals and movies outdoors.

The transparent roof of the outdoor kitchen serves as a rainwater collector that feeds into a cistern that is in turn gravity-fed to the adjacent vegetable garden.

The modular kitchen is custom built in-house by Cyan Station. It is constructed of painted mild steel, with gabion basket supports and a stone slab countertop. The kitchen fits together to form a large work surface.

The existing shell of an old garage is repurposed into an outdoor kitchen and gathering space. The existing ceiling joists of the garage are left intact as a trellis for a growing grapevine, while a new structure supports a clear polycarbonate roof.