Architectural Consultation

Book a design consultation to discuss project ideas, or to discover what is possible, on site or online. Initial chat is free and if you want to have a more in depth site visit or conversation it will charged hourly @150 CAD.

Feasibility Studies

What can you build and how much will it cost? Is this property/project worth the investment? Cyan provides streamlined studies to help you understand what is possible given all the complex constraints of zoning, building code, site conditions.

Custom Architecture-New Builds and Renovations

Design solutions for people with unique requirements. Cyan Station works on residential new builds and renovations, tenant improvements for small businesses, community spaces for nonprofits and public realm projects. Fees should be expected to be roughly 10% of your construction budget.

Co-Design, Participatory Design

Space is often shared by communities with diverse and sometimes contradictory desires. In projects that aim to reflect the voices of the end-users in their plan, Cyan station offers two packages for creating and facilitating workshops and producing participatory design plans/reports.

Temporary and Modular Works

Cyan Station is always looking to collaborate on demonstration projects, pop-ups & installations. We can provide artistic collaboration & fabrication coordination. Reach out if you’d like help on developing a proposal or realizing a project.

UX/UI Strategy, Research and Design

Cyanodesigners are well-versed in digital and physical user experience and user interface planning, research and design. Contact us about prototyping your digital or physical product ideas.